Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center / California Spatial Reference Center  


SCOUT: Scripps Coordinate Update Tool
  1. The Scripps Coordinate Update Tool (SCOUT) can be used to compute mean coordinates of a specific site, by submitting a RINEX file of a particular day.
  2. SCOUT uses ultra-rapid orbits to allow near-real-time data processing
  3. Only these GPS models are supported: Receivers Antennas. Do not use RINEX files from other models.
  4. Users are limited to 10 uncompleted (queued) jobs at a time. Average run time is 30 minutes. SCOUT now launches jobs to multiple servers (when available) to reduce wait times.
  5. SCOUT uses teqc for pre-processing.
  6. SCOUT Help
  7. FAQ

RINEX file notes:
  1. Rinex format description document
  2. Files may be in obs (o) or hatanaka (d) format, and may be compressed (.Z, .gz, .bz, .bz2). zip files are not supported. Please limit file upload size to 10 MB; teqc can decimate files to 30 second observations.
  3. File names submitted must be in the standard form: SITEDDDF.YYT plus an optional compression suffix. Where SITE is a 4-character site code, DDD is day of year, Y is last two digits of year, T is type d or o, F is sequence code (0 for daily or a-x for hourly) File names may be upper or lower case, but must use UTF-8 characters.
  4. Minimum recommended file time span: 1 hour
  5. Recently-uploaded files may not appear in the drop-down list. Click on the refresh button to refresh the uploaded file list